netSweng has experience in all phases of product development, from planning and design through development and deployment. This range of experience allows netSweng to provide as much or as little help as you need to successfully complete your projects.

netSweng can augment an existing development team, or provide an entire development team, based on your needs.

If you've ever spread a project across multiple development groups, you know about the integration problems that can occur late in the project. netSweng has both the development and project management experience to avoid such problems.


Many of todays systems have particular network requirements. netSweng can help identify and quantify these requirements, and design a network to support your system.

Sometimes these particular requirements involve the infrastructure built on top of the network. netSweng can design and implement a robust service providing infrastructure for your needs.


Most development projects today involve software. netSweng has years of experience in Software Engineering, and can assist with both the design and implementation of the software portion of your project.

Once software has been developed it must also be maintained, and updated. The cost of maintaining software and accommodating future changes can be reduced if maintenance needs are considered during the design phase of the project. netSweng can help ensure that proper engineering design principles are followed, thus ensuring a lower total development cost, and increased ability to accommodate future requirements.


Many companies today have fantastic ideas for products, and a team of energetic developers to implement the product, but lack the engineering management experience to be able to make the transition from a great idea to a great product.

netSweng can help by providing the experience to put a development team on the right course that leads to successful product deployments.