The principal engineers at netSweng have years of experience gained on a wide range of projects. This is a sampling of some of these projects to illustrate the broad range of experience that netSweng can bring to your project.

Network Terminal

Sometimes called a thin client, this product is an embedded device with a graphics display. The software consists of an OS, two full network protocol stacks, and an application that implements a network graphics protocol.

Commercial Operating System

Both development and project managment skills were used in maintaining and supporting the network and graphics subsystems of a highly avaialble commercial UNIX operating environment.

Network Graphics

The X Window System is the windowing system for all versions of UNIX, and several other operating systems as well. Contributions to this technology include the network transport management code, a dynamic module loading implementation, and support for new platforms.

Industry Standards Development

Standards are an important mechanism for ensuring multi-vendor interoperability. Leading a standardization requires an in-depth knowledge of the problem space, and the ability to achieve consensus in a timely manner.

Internet Service Provider

Designed and implemented a fully autonomous multi-homed network. This network is robust and self healing. Designed and implemented a scalable hosting infrastructure capable of automatic fail-over. Designed and implemented the network management infrastructure, including account management, and network monitoring and response capabilities.

Embedded Web Server

This product is a complete OS, network stack and a very small web server that can be embedded in almost any device.